Tiger King


Better to live one year as a tiger, then a hundred as sheep. It is most recognisable for its dark vertical stripes on orange-brown fur with a lighter underside.

Handmade in England.

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Before you order / Important information



We are proud that each of our product is fully handmade and we believe that’s the reason you’re here. We use reclaimed wood, what gives the unique look, but It also comes with its splits, knots, and veins. We lay all the images with care, but even though some parts of it might be lost down to the irregularity of the wood. We don’t consider it a problem, as the next step of resin application gives the seamless layer of the clear coat. 


All our products are based on one of two basic formats: square 22x22cm or rectangle 22x33cm, which can be scaled up by multiplying. Usually the square is 22x22cm big, although sometimes squares comes slightly smaller (21x21cm). That means that 4 square piece version might come (42-44)x(42-44)cm.

Image crop:

As the size of each squares may vary, the image crop can be different than the preview.


It is possible that you will notice a small colour difference. One reason could be your colour screen settings. The colours can look different on each screen, depending on the settings. Bright colours might be printed darker then displayed on the original picture.

Delivery time:

As each piece is individually made for you and goes through long process, which are time consuming and require long drying times, we give our best to deliver the Art piece to you in 3 weeks from your order.


We can guarantee, that it is impossible to get the exact copy of your product!

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4 Squares // 44×44 cm, 6 Squares // 44×66 cm, Square // 22×22 cm, Rectangle // 22x33cm